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Commissions for Radio

High Hopes

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2010.


When he was a child, Charlie was kidnapped and held to ransom. He never knew who was behind it nor why he was picked. When another child goes missing, many years later, he has a chance to discover the truth.


This afternoon play featured a cast including Jack Ryder, Sarah Solemani and Peter Wight.

Dickens Confidential: The Deal

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2009.


Part of a series of afternoon plays imagining that Charles Dickens had stayed working as a newspaper editor instead of becoming a novelist. It starred a pre-Downton Dan Stevens as Dickens.


When a timid doctor is accused of murdering his wealthy older lover, Dickens alone is convinced of his innocence. His journalistic team's investigations descend into the harsh territory of the debtors' prison. Everything, it seems, comes down to money.


The Utopia Project

First broadcast on Resonance FM in 2008


A co-production with BBC Writersroom, featuring specially-composed music being played alongside the live broadcast.


Set in a near-future where the only land of opportunity is online, a well-meaning but naive young man finds himself drawn into a dark world of guilds, 'gold-mining' and fraud. Before long he discovers the problems of his real life being mirrored by his virtual counterpart.


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